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My law practice now exceeds 51 years.  It began with a dual commitment to law and to physics (applied)/engineering. See "Army ballistic missile" on Navigation Bar.  See also "Professional Engineering" on Navigation Bar.


A major commitment -- 25 years -- was teaching business law and tax at Columbia University, Graduate School of Business, and on visiting professorships at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business (1978) and Harvard University, Graduate School of Business (1981).  See "curriculum vitae" at "TEACHING POSITIONS/ACTIVITIES" on Navigation Bar. 

For 15 of the 25 years at Columbia, a substantial commitment was made as counsel to Delson & Gordon, N.Y.C. law firm (1973-1987).  See "Curriculum Vitae" at "SELECTED PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: law firm" on Navigation Bar.


My main commitments currently are to complete written works in progress, the highest priority of which are: (1) an article updating my article on the Eurodollar market published in 71 California Law Review 1492 (1983); (2) an article related to the Eurodollar article update suggesting a way of resolving the partisanship/gridlock in the United States Congress on lingering issues related to financial institutions/industry; (3) an article revisiting The Lawyer's Use of Quantitative Analysis in Settlement Negotiations in 38 Business Lawyer 1557 (1983); (4) a textbook on international business law and taxation (approximately 1500 pages) to be submitted to publishing houses.  Therefore, I have not been accepting matters from new clients except in extraordinary circumstances, nor have I sought to teach any courses.   See  "Works in progress" on Navigation Bar.  

Another longstanding commitment has been to emphasize the importance of verbal (written and oral) communication skills to MBA students, executives, and perhaps to a wider group.  See "Verbal skills importance" and "Safire letter comment" (at, e.g., IIIC. Importance of communication skills -- Barzun's book (chaos); prescriptivism v. descriptivism) on Navigation bar.   See also "curriculum vitae" at "TEACHING/EXAMINATION PRACTICES" on" Navigation bar.

A further longstanding commitment has been to emphasize the importance of business law in the training of M.B.A.s and executives.  Their gaining a familiarity with business law is a sine qua non for a competent executive and, thus, is a necessary component of the curriculum in business schools.   See "Business law importance" on Navigation bar.


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