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U. S. Navy tour of duty

Sea duty aboard USS Tarawa (CVS40): 

I served a two-year tour of duty on the Tarawa when the ship wa
s an antisubmarine carrier.  See, e.g., Paul Yarnall (
created page), Fabio Peña (maintained page), Mike Smolinsk (contributed page), USS Tarawa  (CV-40) (later CVA-40, CVS-40 and AVT-12), NavSource Naval History, NavSource Online: Aircraft Carrier Photo Archive (Last update: 8 March 2014), available at  (noting that photo is of "USS Tarawa (CVS-40) in 1958, operating as an antisubmarine carrier with Grumman S2F Trackers on her deck. She still mounts her original battery of 5-inch guns and most of her 40-millimeter AA guns.").  See also, e.g., USS Tarawa (CV-40, later CVA-40, CVS-40 and AVT-12), 1945-1968,  Department of the Navy, Naval Historical Center (Page made 1 May 2001; Link added 7 October 2001), available at (noting that "[r]edesignated CVS-40 in January 1955, she was employed for the next five years in ASW and helicopter amphibious exercises in the east coast and Caribbean areas.").

                                              Copyright 1996-2014 NavSource Naval History

Some lighter moments during tour of duty

Novel Method of Refueling at Sea from Flight Deck of Aircraft Carrier:

Click here to view Official Photo U.S Navy of refueling operations via golf shot from flight deck.
Click here to view Official Photo U.S.Navy credit.
Click here for information on refueling at sea.
Click here for newspaper article on novel refueling method.
Click here for pro/junior golf tournament referred to in above article.
Click here for information on Byron Nelson.
Click here for Byron Nelson on YouTube.

See also photos below.

Recognition by of golf shot photo in Navy Times: 

Click here for overview of rankings in Navy Times and Business Lawyer
Click here for reference (rank 10-1) to refueling via golf shot.

Kelsey Grammer from a Submarine Deck to Green:

Click here to view on YouTube in trailer to movie Down Periscope(1996) golf shot by Kelsey Grammer from submarine deck to green (golf scene occurs at 45 seconds into trailer).
Click here for more information on the movie.
Click here to view information on Mr. Grammer's role in the movie.

U.S. Navy Official Photograph of novel refueling operation at sea from flight deck of aircraft carrier (USS Tarawa CVS40) to destroyer (USS Hugh Purvis DD709) along side carrier

Photo credit: Official Photograph U.S. Navy.   Copyright © 1958 Navy Times.  All rights reserved.

Publication credit for photo from aircraft carrier flight deck:

Novel refueling operation at sea (Navy Times, June 14, 1958, cover page):

Copyright © 1958 Navy Times.  All rights reserved.

Novel refueling operation at sea (Our Navy, July 1, 1958, at p. 30):

Copyright © 1958 Our Navy.  All rights reserved.